No, no, logo

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Pick a scarf to adorn a logo-encrusted sector of your top.  But nothing too matchy.  This one was just right for a brisk fall day.


Two trade secrets!

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“Just tell me what to wear!”

We all have those moments.  (Or if you don’t, please don’t rub it in the faces of the rest of us.)

Once upon a time, I worked retail on the weekends.  No more am I part of the system!  This weekend = one of the first I’ve been able to do Things.  This time around, that included a fashion-themed movie night and a trip to the library.  I came back with a surprisingly down-to-earth style book by Nina Garcia (which I promptly devoured), and one with full-color photographs of 350 varieties of French cheese from every region in France (I tried devouring that one, but I admit it didn’t taste as good as it looked.  Woody.  Oh well.)

Therefore, with fashion on the brain, I’ve come up with a couple pointers for the aforesaid tell-me-what-to-wear days.

1) Open your eyes.

Pretend you’ve never seen your closet or jewelry box before.  What do you look at and think, “Wow!  I love that!”  Pull it out, and pair it with something different than you ever have.  (Clothes need new friends, too.)

Steal something from a family member.  To my nine-year-old sister’s chagrin, I have been seen wearing one of her British shirtdresses as a jacket.  3/4 sleeves are short on me, the waist is high, and it looks amazing.

Use random objects.  Steal the pull tab from a broken zipper for a new necklace pendant.  Clip a clothespin to a piece of twine.  (Nina Garcia even uses hair clips for collar bling.)  It works.

2) Consider others.

I truly believe this is the secret to my fashion success.  When I get dressed, I want to look good, and I don’t forsee that changing.  But I am inspired and empowered to truly look my best when I think about the impression my clothing will make on those around me.  When I think about going out publicly in a given outfit, what kind of glances do I imagine receiving?  Appreciative, approving ones?  Or whistle-whistle-eyebrow-cock ones?

I have something to say about that:  What I have is mine.  It’s not for every passing dude to get for free.  And if I think I can show it off without hurting anyone, just look at the heartbreak that happens in Hollywood.  You know what I’m talking about.

(Sometimes my mom whistles at me when I wear three plaids and two florals at once.  But that’s not exactly the same thing.)

The point is, anyone can wear WalMart and look fairly seductive… and, exactly like everyone else.  The outfits I choose are unique and attractive precisely because I don’t take the easy way out.  I work hard to stay cute and covered… and it pays.

Who cares?

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…about fashion?  I have to admit something that may surprise you: I do.  (Not surprised?  Oops, I’ll have to work on that element.)

My love for fashion usually ranks second to my love for sanity in the midst of a crazy schedule.  But no matter how packed my days are, something always sucks me back into this fascination.  What about the fashion world gets you going?  Is it the history?  The textures?  Strictly artistic appeal?  Impressing others?  Tricks to enhance your looks?  The science of trends?

For me, most of these converge simultaneously.  At the moment, colors and textures are most loudly vying for my attention.  I’m dreaming of a soft peach georgette dress, encased in a fall-appropriate nubby grey wool vest.  Anthropologie was the inciting inspiration there.

But I can’t wait to show you how I make this layered look all my own.

Colder is coming

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It’s the first day for a sweater!  How delicious to pull this one over my head and snuggle into its cool-deflecting abilities.

What old friends are you pulling out today?



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Panic button

September 7, 2011 1 comment

You hit the alarm clock none too lightly and wonder if perhaps it’s still seven in the evening, and not really time to get up yet…

And what are you going to wear?

How do you decide?  Do you reach for your cutest new shoe find, and build your outfit around their shiny good looks?  Or are you letting your hair do the choosing: rumpled style = boho day?

My method?  It certainly depends on the day.  I’ve been known to base an entire outfit off a pair of socks (yes, they were very gitchy argyles).  I certainly give consideration, first, to my audience.  If I know I’ll be needing to make a very good first impression and I don’t know the style preferences of my new acquaintance, I usually go for a trim black v-neck with my favorite pearls, leaving the individualism to lesser accessories such as a scarf embracing my purse handle.  Being something short of fabulously wealthy, I also keep other factors in mind.  I avoid wearing white, for instance, if I think I might be attacked by vicious 3-year olds or by my (circa 1700’s) copy machine at work (both like to throw ink around).

I plan to talk plenty about simple and fun remedies for the fashion struggles we all face, but I’ll leave you with this one tip for today: plan.  No, really.  Lay your clothes out the night before.  It works every time.  I get up every morning and put on a completely different outfit.  (Just kidding, kind of.)

Has planning worked for you?  Weep me your wardrobe woes in the area of outfit-assemblage.  I can’t wait to help you.

Summer 2011

June 30, 2011 4 comments

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This summer trend items are going bronzy, with navy accents, or fluttery in sheer floral print numbers which I personally find hard to wear.  I nodded to blue but kept the mood light, fun, and sophisticated in my summer collection.

Photocredit: Atsen Murry

Not just pearls

June 10, 2011 1 comment

These were a birthday gift from my west-coast grandmother, Anita, whose husband bought them for her in Spain on their honeymoon. Just the box was enough to get me excited, but when I saw its contents, I am pretty sure I cried (it was 3 months ago and my memory is en route to extinction.  But I’m pretty sure).

Pearls are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, but even more favorite is my grandma. As a kid, I didn’t know anyone else who dressed like she did. Early 1990’s she was all streamlined, black-and-white Hollywood glamour. Later in the decade she went earthy in Uggs and BlueFish. Though her tastes constantly morph, she is a woman who always knows what she likes.

I like to think I inherited some of her confidence and flair.





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